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Virtual Office

Letting you do what you do best without the stress of managing an office.





Why a Registered Office?

A registered office is the official address, or ‘head office’, of a limited company or LLP.

Letters, reminders, and legal notices from Companies House, HMRC, the courts, and any other government body will be sent to your registered office. For this reason, you must choose a physical postal address that can be accessed in person, and it must be located in the same part of the UK where you incorporate your company or LLP.


We can help you set this up from day one.

Registered Office

Telephone Answering

This service is for businesses who aren't always able to answer the phone, bur rely on a quick response in order to provide a good customer service. @ The office will answer your call with a greeting you would like and advise the caller you will ring back. We will take a name, contact number, and a brief for their purpose for calling and send this to you via email or text message exactly as if based in your office.


Service offered between 9am - 5pm

Telephone Answering

Up to 120

Up to 60

Up to 30

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